Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Holidays part two

Obsessed with these summery bra-lets ! Found one on Miss guided for €30
Need to buy this before i go!

Everyone needs a hat for holidays ! Snapbacks are in ! I bought my Boy London snapback recently and i love it! Miss guided are after stocking their shelves with snapbacks this week make sure to grab one ! They will really make your swimwear look ten times better !

In love with these little two pieces perfect for going out on holidays!

Im looking literally everywhere for these babies !! Sandal heels! they have a small heel and very comfy .If you are to wear any heels when your partying in the sun it has to be sandal heels !
Still waiting for the penneys in Mullingar to bring them in!
The picture below is Blogger so sue me! She wears these Sandal heels so well on holidays!!

Luminous outifits

Maxi Skirts !! Can be bought in most clothing skirts can vary in prices from €5 too €100 but they are so practical!

 Floppy hats!!
They aren't for everyone but i bought myself one for €4 they definitely keep the sun out of your face and very fashionable !

Flower head bands !! They are a must have soooo summary!!! They can be bought in penneys for €2

No one wants to go on holiday pale!!
A good tan to put on is Loreal sublime bronze gradual tan 24 hour moisturizing lotion!
It rubs in Quickly and smoothly .It requires a few applications before you begin to tan but it keeps your body fully moisturized !

To keep your body smelling amazing over the summer make sure to keep your body moisturized with  Palmers cocoa butter! 

Holiday post 2013


Im coming up to my holiday abroad with the girls! We are all heading to Bulgaria for ten days on the 21st of June Whoop Whoop i cant wait .So i had a lot of shopping to do.With only 9 days left i've only bought my bikinis and some small other things.People have been asking me to write up a holiday post.I hope you like the stuff i got for my holidays and like my ideas.Hopefully it inspires:)
I got this bikini on ebay for only a few euro!!! Cheapest and nicest bikini i have ever bought!They have them in nearly every colour including green, yellow and red .When buying stuff on ebay i recommend shopping early enough because it takes awhile for the clothes to be delivered from China.

Luminous Bikinis are in guys!!!!
I got this yellow luminous bikini in Penney's for €5!! Steal!! The luminous colours makes your tan glow!
On the right hand side i am wearing a body chain that i got on ebay for €3.99! Make sure you accessorize with your swimwear for pool parties or beach parties !

Two pieces!!
For any girls that have curves and are proud to show them off , two pieces are the way to go!This two piece is €28 in Riverisland.It is worth the money.The material is so comfy and it has netting on the side . Love!!

2013 Most popular swimwear is the Monokini!! I am obsessed with Monokinis.Every celeb is wearing them on holidays , Rita Ora , Rihanna , Michelle Keegan you name it .I bought my red monokini on Asos for €16 (on sale).I got my navy monokini on Asos too for €40 .Love them .You can accessorize with these anyway you want.There are so many types of monokinis you can buy .One of my faves was the on Lucy Mecklenburgh wore in Marbella she looked Amazing !